Cutting Edge Experience from a Fashion Design School

One of the most interesting and cutting edge professions available involves a career in the fashion industry. This particular business sector not only offers a variety of possible career fields, but is also an extremely challenging field that lets individuals express their personal style through their career. While some individuals may find themselves gainfully employed in the fashion industry based upon a gift or talent, many individuals work their way into the fashion industry after completing courses at a fashion design school.

While some people land a dream job in fashion without having attended a fashion design school, there is usually a good deal of luck involved in them having landed that position. Many individuals attend fashion design school because it provides a good deal of beneficial training that employers in the industry are looking for. Beyond the simple fact that students are provided with classroom information and challenging work, the very fact that they have attended a fashion school shows potential employers that they are dedicated to the profession and are willing to work extremely hard. Other reasons for attending fashion design school include:

  • Connections: Most executives in fashion have themselves attended fashion design school and will look to their Alma Mater for new graduates coming down the pipeline.
  • Job Placement: Many of the nation’s top fashion design schools are dedicated to helping their graduates find work in the industry upon completion of their courses.
  • Specialization: There are several fields within the fashion industry graduates should consider, and fashion design schools provide students a chance to learn about each of those fields before diving head first into one.

The biggest reason for attending a fashion design school is the degree that is awarded upon completion. Almost every employer is looking to hire individuals who possess either a 2-year or 4-year degree in fashion design. The majority of graduates possess either an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. Some students also make the choice to combine their fashion design degree with other degrees, generally because they hope to own or manage their own business in the future. Examples of secondary degrees include:

  • Business
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising

Before deciding to attend a fashion design school, the most important thing to look for is accreditation. Fashion design schools that are not accredited are less likely to provide students with the exact style and depth of education that employers are looking for. There are roughly 300 post-secondary fashion design schools in the United States that have received accreditation. The group in charge of accreditation is the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The final step for many individuals upon completion of a fashion design school is an internship within the industry. This step allows individuals to not only test their mettle in the workplace, but also gives them an opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test in the industry.

The fashion industry is ever-present in our modern world. Television broadcasts of such events as the 2010 Victoria’s Secret models is proof of the power of the fashion industry. Other events such as the Oscars inevitably become judging contests of what performers wear to the award ceremony. Individuals who have a passion for design and a creative mind should strongly consider a career in fashion design.

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